Denis Zhuravlyov





10:24 AM Taskwarrior Integration Revision 4bb50bb4 (conky_tasks): Star import from libtask made more specific
Denis Zhuravlyov


05:41 PM Taskwarrior Integration Automatic context detection
By the moment the script can determine which context to display. It searches for the context *display* (may be define... Denis Zhuravlyov
05:22 PM Taskwarrior Integration Revision 50cdf116 (conky_tasks): Automatic context handling
Context handling logic is changed slightly. Now script tries to find context *display* to filter tasks to show. If su... Denis Zhuravlyov
11:17 AM Taskwarrior Integration Context filter added
In new versions of TaskWarrior *contexts* were implemented. Contexts are permanent sets of user-defined filters which... Denis Zhuravlyov
11:08 AM Taskwarrior Integration Revision d5033ee6 (conky_tasks): Filter for *default* context is added
In new versions of TaskWarrior it's possible to define *contexts*: permanent sets of user filters. See man for more. Denis Zhuravlyov


04:27 PM Yarssr Revision 56052910 (patch_yarssr): Minor fixes
* Set 0 instead of '' (empty string) when getting boolean value from
GtkCheckButton widgets in configuration dialog.
Denis Zhuravlyov


07:54 PM GnuPG Leaflet
GnuPG leaflet, spanish, 2016 Denis Zhuravlyov
07:53 PM GnuPG Leaflet
GnuPG leaflet, russian, 2016 Denis Zhuravlyov


03:10 PM GnuPG Leaflet Spanish translation is ready!
Despite of almost the half of the work was made in the very beginning, the project was stalled for a long time. After... Denis Zhuravlyov


04:24 PM Asterisk Starpy update starpy-manager_AMI-auto-connect.patch
Patch for starpy/manager (AMI auto-connect) Denis Zhuravlyov

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