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Asterisk Starpy update 02/02/2016 Denis Zhuravlyov Development Enhancement #22: Restore original formatting of example scripts Applied in changeset commit:iqtek_starpy|ec870e7356ea6f420a564af042f4a5a1e4d69a45. 1.52 Actions
Asterisk Starpy update 01/02/2016 Denis Zhuravlyov Development Enhancement #21: Patch starpy.manager.AMIFactory to enable reconnect automatically when connection failed Applied in changeset commit:iqtek_starpy|c03bc08fc914c209cc1365338af740fca273346f. 1.63 Actions
Asterisk Starpy update 31/01/2016 Denis Zhuravlyov Development Task #20: Make from examples directory reconnect automatically Closed 8.50 Actions

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