• Archived Projects

    These are old and very old projects, which are here for reference only.

    • Alarm-clock

      Small and pretty wallclock for Win32 platform with skinnable interface. Though, despite the project's name implies, alarm function wasn't implemented.

    • Dew Point

      Just a toy: calculates a dew point depending on temperature and humidity.

    • ModEdit

      Editor for small text advertisings used in printed and web versions of several magazines and newspapers.

    • Old Site Scrapers

      There are two python scripts intended to scrape a couple of sites. Such tools have rather little lifecycle, so I public them here as educational material.

    • Omsk Pages 2007

      The last version of the electronic addon to the «yellow pages»-type directory «Omsk Pages 2007».

    • Remote Software Killer

      Service utility for remote purging installed software on win32 platform.
      It consists of two parts:

      • client service, which sits on user machine and «uninstalls» all the blacklisted software according to the signal from the main host;
      • remote control utility, which sends the signal to clients....
  • Conky addons

    Scripts and configs for conky system monitor.

    • Colorful Indicators

      Lua script that renders colorful indicator bars of two different types (set of flat «led indicators» and smooth 3D-looking columns) using Cairo graphics library.

      You can see, how it looks, in the project Wiki....

    • Taskwarrior Integration

      Python script converting info from taskwarrior dataase file to conky rc format.
      The script have to be called after the database file has been changed (e.g. by incron).

  • Hardware

    Hardware-oriented projects

    • Arduino

      Arduino-based projects set

  • Just Text

    Some documents, papers, articles etc.

  • Patches

    My tiny contribution to community: bugs I've fixed or enhancements I've implemented in open-source software.

    • Yarssr

      Description from developers' site:

      Yet Another RSS Reader is an RSS aggregator and reader that displays its results in the GNOME notification area. To view the contents of the feed just click the menu-item and it will launch in your favorite browser. It is written in Perl and uses gtk2-perl for it's interface....

  • Utilities

    Some useful and not so useful software.

    • CSV Memos To Zim Converter

      Utility converting memo file in CSV format (e.g. exported from PalmOS handhelds) to a categorized bunch of files in Zim wiki format.

    • LUKS header backup helper

      Two shell scripts intended to save and restore LUKS critical data (such as header and master key) in safe manner.
      In details that means that LUKS header and master key are protected by several hash sums, then are packed and
      encrypted with AES-256 (OFB). Encrypted tarball then gets additional protection using several recovery volumes....

    • ReACL

      Python script intended to check and restore ACLs for files whith changed ACLs and to setting new ACLs for new files.
      It's very convenient, when there are tens of thousands of controlled files in different parts of FS, and unconditionally reset ACL for all that bunch is just waste of time and system resources....

    • Revelation To KeePassX Database Converter

      Python script (with 2 optional types of GUI: GTK+ and WxWidgets) that converts xml-formatted of Revelation password manager database to xml database of KeePassX 1.x.

    • SSH keys cryptography

      This utility is no more than a toy. Rather powerful toy nevertheless. It was written as a proof of concept to show ability to use almost any appropriate public keys to encrypt data.

      Sometimes there appear situations, when you have no other alternatives besides coreutils and ssh installed on the host. Well… If you can install in addition openssl, why don't install GnuPG? I don't know, but this script allows encrypt and sign files using only existing ssh keys with openssl as backend....

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