Taskwarrior Integration: Automatic context detection

Added by Denis Zhuravlyov over 5 years ago

By the moment the script can determine which context to display. It searches for the context display (may be defined as context.display in config file) and applies the context filter. If such context is not found, it tries to apply default context filter defined in rc.context (last active context user switched to). If no contexts are found at all, script switches to old behaviour and displays all pending tasks which are not blocked by other tasks.

Taskwarrior Integration: Context filter added

Added by Denis Zhuravlyov over 5 years ago

In new versions of TaskWarrior contexts were implemented. Contexts are permanent sets of user-defined filters which affects all operations and can be switched from one to another. To emulate such filtering I decided to add one more filter string with predefined tags to filter out some unneeded contexts. Maybe later I'll pick some particular settings out in separate config file.

GnuPG Leaflet: Spanish translation is ready!

Added by Denis Zhuravlyov about 6 years ago

Despite of almost the half of the work was made in the very beginning, the project was stalled for a long time. After switching to po4a the work went lightning fast. The structure was upgraded to gettext-style workflow.

So, by the moment the translation into Spanish is ready. English translation still awaits its turn.

Yarssr: Patches for Yarssr versions 0.2.2 and 0.2.3

Added by Denis Zhuravlyov about 6 years ago

Today I've uploaded patches to fix some bugs in Yarssr 0.2.2 and 0.2.3. This software is rather old, but it's still useful in some cases.

Version 0.2.2 is stable, but 0.2.3 has a strange issue: in some cases it stops respond and begins to heavily load CPU. So, this issue is in my bugfix list.

Just Text: New article for OmskLUG

Added by Denis Zhuravlyov over 6 years ago

Sometimes you want to improve usability of your server, but it seems too difficult to make additional software work within existing ecosystem. I'm exaggerating a bit, but this time it were the case. Plugin redmine_git_hosting is exellent software, but nevertheless on my system it took time and much effort to setup it properly. In this article I'm telling, how it was. LaTex source for PDF and MarkDown source for HTML and LaTeX are placed in the repository of the corresponding project. PDF is accessible through ‘Files’ section.

Article is written in Russian.

Utilities: SSH keys file encryption

Added by Denis Zhuravlyov over 6 years ago

One more crypto-related project has been just added in Utilities repository.

This project is just a proof of concept allowing one to encrypt files with someone's public key. Additional function is digital signing of the input data. The program is a shell script using openssl package as a backend.

Utilities: LUKS Header Backup Helper

Added by Denis Zhuravlyov over 6 years ago

There's no software without bugs. It's especially dangerous, if it's cryptographical software. To minimize or even eliminate entirely consequencies of LUKS header damage two scripts were written. The first one to automagically backup, compress, encrypt and protect LUKS header and the second to automagically restore saved header.


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